Want To Treat Acne? Get A Chemical Peel In NYC

Every person’s skin is unique and responds differently. To get on an even playing field, exfoliation is a key step to take for flawless skin, and a chemical peel is the ideal treatment that gets to the root of your breakouts and any scarring issues. There are a variety of peels here in NYC that can be tailor-made for your complexion needs. Chemical peels are old-school skin care, but they work effectively and more economically than other cosmetic treatments.

The Power of Professional Peels

There are do-it-yourself peels at home, but the more potent kinds are found at our clinic in NYC. When a skilled aesthetic specialist is applying a chemical peel to your face and neck, they understand your individual complexion and the proper peel and peel intensity to choose. They are right there watching your complexion reacting to the peel and timing it precisely.

A salon peel is strong enough to improve your skin, and acne is no match for a vigorous chemical solution that penetrates deeply into the pores.

Depths of Exfoliation Cleansing

If you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly, your complexion will not maintain its youthfulness, glow or clear image. A chemical peel in NYC offers the best kind of exfoliation because it unclogs the pores like no other procedure and removes the top layer of skin. These actions boost skin cell turnover to create smoother, softer skin.

A chemical peel is also excellent at addressing hyperpigmentation and the darkening that can develop due to acne flares.

A series of treatments is usually recommended for optimal effects. Peels are aesthetic treatments that show gradual but steady results. A peel every four weeks can dramatically transform your complexion by reducing acne, softening acne scars, balancing the skin tone and adding radiance.

The AHA Factor for Fab Skin

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peels are excellent for acne and acne scars. For example, glycolic peels exfoliate the surface skin layer and are best for normal to oily complexions.

Beautiful skin takes hard work for most of us, and choosing the right method can make a major difference. Going to a professional will also offer an intense treatment with the safety behind it.

If you’re interested in a chemical peel here in NYC, we suggest visiting Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser in Midtown, Harlem, or Washington Heights. We take great pride in our team of talented skin care specialists. They have the knowledge and experience in all advanced cosmetic treatments. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!