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Look Your Best With EMSCULPT Body Sculpting

This treatment uses high intensity magnetic energy to cause intense contractions in either your abdomen or your buttocks. The contractions are far more powerful than anything that can be accomplished with exercise. To put it in perspective, one session of EMSCULPT® on the buttocks is the equivalent to 20,000 squats, while 20 minutes on the abdomen is the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups.

Intense contractions cause your muscles to break down and be rebuilt stronger. This treatment gives you the same results that exercise will, only much faster and with a lot less work. That being said, you should be near your body goals before having this treatment done. It is not intended to be a treatment for obesity.

What Results Can I Expect with EMSCULPT® Body Sculpting?

This treatment is a game changer because it can help you lose 19% of fat and gain 16% muscle in the target area. In order to see your best possible results, you will need a series of treatments. This involves four or more sessions of EMSCULPT® scheduled 2-3 days apart. Luckily, this 30 minute treatment requires no special preparation or downtime, meaning it is easy to fit into busy schedules. You will see improvements 2-4 weeks after the last treatment. Results will continue to develop for several weeks beyond this as well.

Why Choose EMSCULPT® Body Contouring?

Did you know that approximately 35% of your body is made up of muscle? Other body contouring treatments out there do not address this important component of how your body looks and feels. EMSCULPT® stands out from the competition because it addresses the muscle underneath the fat.

Other benefits include:

  • Treatments take only 30 minutes
  • Clinical studies saw people seeing dramatic results
  • You do not have to alter your normal daily routine
  • Muscle is built in a natural way
  • Fat is eliminated at the same time, revealing a more sculpted version of you

Ready to learn more about EMSCULPT® body sculpting and how it can benefit you? Visit Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser in one of our three New York locations to meet with our staff. This is our opportunity to ensure that this treatment is a good fit for you while tailor making a plan for your body! Contact us today to schedule your consultation!