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Mole Removal New York

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What is mole removal?

A mole is a cluster of skin cells, usually brown, black, or skin tone that can appear anywhere on your body. They usually show up before age 20. Most are benign, meaning they’re not cancerous. In cases where moles are cancerous, removal is essential.

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We recommend an annual skin exam to identify abnormal moles before they turn into skin cancer. Dr. Dele-Michael uses a dermatoscope to examine skin moles to determine whether they are benign or cancerous. Based on the skin exam finding, a skin biopsy or mole removal may be recommended.

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The ABCDEs of Melanoma. These characteristics are used by dermatologists to identify melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Look for these signs: Asymmetry, irregular Borders, more than one or uneven distribution of Color, or a large (greater than 6mm) Diameter. Evolution of your moles is the most important factor in identifying melanomas.

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I have been going to Dr. Dele-Michael for almost 5 years now. She is an amazing Dr. that really takes the time to learn about your medical history before treating any problem. I have had multiple procedures and have always been so happy with the results.

- Christina

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