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Hyperhidrosis Treatment New York

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What is hyperhidrosis ?

Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating beyond what is required to regulate body temperature. It usually affects the hands, feet, and armpits.Individuals with hyperhidrosis often feel embarrassed and avoid social encounters that require hand shakes.

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Can Hyperhidrosis affect me emotionally and socially?

Allergic contact dermatitis is an itchy, usually chronic rash caused by exposure to substances in the environment. Contact dermatitis may have characteristic distribution patterns indicating that the observed rash is caused by external rather than internal stimuli.

Effective Treatments For Hyperhidrosis in NYC

Hyperhidrosis can be effectively treated with medications such as Aluminum chloride, Botox and Glycopyrrolate.Once the Hyperhidrosis type is determined, Dr Dele-Michael will prescribe a safe and effective regimen to treat your Hyperhidrosis and relieve excessive sweating.

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