SculpSure™ vs. Coolsculpting®

Is that dress too tight around the mid-section? Don’t worry, in 25 minutes, you can be on your way to more sculpted abs with our SculpSure™ bodysculpting treatment.

With SculpSure™, we now offer quick and effective bodysculpting treatments to reduce the stubborn fat of your lower abdomen and flanks in just 25 minutes!

SculpSure™ delivers laser energy to heat the deep layer of fat while the applicators cool the skin . The heat damages the fat cells and the damaged fat cells are then eliminated by the body naturally.

Since we own both technologies at Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser, Dr. Dele-Michael has itemized the differences between SculpSure™ and Coolsculpting® below:

Time commitment

SculpSure™: 25 minutes body sculpting treatment for up to 4 applicators

Coolsculpting®: 1 hour per 1 applicator


SculpSure™: very safe; FDA-cleared hyperthermic laser with cooling applicator

Coolscupting®: very safe; FDA-cleared cryolipolysis


SculpSure™: easily tolerated flat non-suction applicator with cooling plate

Coolsculpting®: mild discomfort from suction-based applicator


SculpSure™: 25% fat reduction in 6 weeks to 3 months

Coolsculpting®: 25% fat reduction in 6 weeks to 3 months

Both SculpSure™ and Coolsculpting® produce fantastic and lasting results!

Side effects

SculpSure™: none reported

Coolsculpting®: bruising and temporary numbness

Target treatment sites

SculpSure™: abdomen, flanks, thighs; pinchable fat is not required

Coolsculpting®: abdomen, flanks, thigh; pinchable fat is required

Sculpt your body in 25 minutes with No scar, No surgery, No pain, No down time or recovery time


Treatment prices vary based on your personal goals, body type, treatment history etc, so we strongly encourage our clients to come in for a personalized in-office consultation with our knowledgeable staff. The consultation fee of $250 is deducted from your final fee.

Sculpsure treatment price starts at $750, while Coolsculpting starts at $750.

SculpSure™ Post-treatment instructions

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