EMSCULPT delivers the equivalent of 20,000 crunches and squats in 30 minutes and delivers on muscle building and fat burning claim.

If you are like me, you are probably wondering when the future pictured in science fiction shows like Star Trek would finally arrive, so one can do futuristic things like transpose from earth to outer space or have a drone pick up the groceries. Well, I won’t hold my breath for that but in the dermatology and aesthetic laser world, it appears the future is here! EMSCULPT, a new aesthetic body sculpting device can help to build muscle, burn fat and lift the butt without breaking a sweat or a toenail! In general, many new lasers and devices hitting the market are safer and more effective that ever.

Of the newest devices out in 2018, EMSCULPT is particularly exciting to me for the following reasons:

  1. it is a non-invasive device that offers safe, quick and effective treatments in an outpatient (dermatologist’s office) setting
  2. Using HIFEM, a safe electromagnetic wave that causes supramaximal contractions (read super-intense contractions) of skeletal muscles, it initiates a cascade of events that naturally strengthens the muscles while you sit or relax in a chair.
  3. Building muscle revs up the bodies metabolism which in turns burn fat in the treated areas

As a dermatologist in NYC, the city that never sleeps, my patients do not want downtime or any telltale signs that they have been to the doctor’s, so when I am adding new lasers to my treatment armamentarium,  I am careful to choose devices that can deliver safe, effective treatments with minimal or no downtime.

When I first read about EMSCULPT in dermatology and laser journals, I was skeptical about the device because I thought it sounded too good to be true. So I was blown away when I tried the treatment and I could feel the palpable difference in my abdominal muscle tone and strength.

The treatment was administered using an applicator shaped like a paddle. The applicator is attached to the treatment area using a belt. At the beginning of the treatment, a lower energy level is recommended and over the first 10 minutes of treatment, the energy is gradually raised. The intensity of the contractions is proportional to the energy level. I started at 50% energy and ended the treatment at 96% energy.

The treatment was very tolerable. It can be described as a very intense workout in which you develop supernatural willpower to hold the plank position for 30 minutes. While the description varied among the people I surveyed, the general consensus was that the device yielded immediate toning and strengthening of the treated muscle group and there was a sense of euphoria likely due to release of massive endorphins!

I felt some mild soreness the next day. Two days after my treatment , the soreness in my abs peaked at 2 out of 10. On day number 3, I was already looking forward to my next treatment. My clothes was starting to fit a bit loose around my waist and interestingly, I began eating a bit more healthfully.

Below, I share my video and before & after pics.

I will update the blog post as I progress on my EMSCULPT treatment course.

Here is my 2 cents about the treatment:

It was comfortable

It is quick

No downtime

So far, I think it is effective- the improvement in my ab muscle strength and tone after one treatment, is beyond what I could achieve with regular exercise. I will revert and update you in a few weeks.

4 treatments are recommended 2 days apart at $1000 per treatment. It is an investment for sure, $4000 to be exact. So one should be prepared to commit to the treatment plan prescribed.

Again, I am excited about this technology and device and the option it offers for many people that desire a sculpted body despite the limitations or challenges that they have to overcome e.g. injury, time limitations,  reluctance to undergo treatments with downtime or anesthesia.





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