What to Expect from Your Ultherapy Treatment

Ultherapy gives you a way to keep your face, neck and chest looking young without the need for painful and invasive surgery like a facelift. The ulthera treatment is an FDA-approved, non-invasive way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin that affect the brow, the chin, the neck, and the chest. If you have decided to get ultherapy in New York City, keep reading to find out what you can expect from your upcoming treatment:

A Quick Trip to the Dermatologist
Before you get your treatment, you and your board-certified cosmetic dermatologist will talk about your concerns so the doctor can determine the best way to help you achieve your goals. When you are ready for the treatment, your board-certified cosmetic dermatologist can perform the ultherapy treatment in one quick office visit. You do not need to do any special skin treatments before your appointment, but you might want to take an over-the-counter pain killer beforehand to minimize any discomfort during the treatment.

Prepping The Treatment Area
When you show up for your appointment, the your board-certified cosmetic dermatologist will start off by cleaning your skin before applying an ultrasound gel to the treatment area. The doctor will place the treatment applicator over the area that you wish to target. Once your board-certified cosmetic dermatologist locates the area where the energy should be applied, he or she will use a measured amount of ultrasound energy to target the skin. The treatment usually lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. Once the treatment is over, you can return to your regular activities without any downtime.

Noticeable Results
Some patients notice results immediately after their ulthera treatment. Most people start to see huge changes throughout the next several months. You do not have to deal with the healing or swelling that you would experience after a surgical facelift. Ulthera can help you get the results you want without making major changes to the way you look. The results from your treatment will be permanent and you can always return to the your board-certified cosmetic dermatologist for touch-up treatments in the future.

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