What Can You Expect from Botox?

What Can You Expect from Botox?

Board-certified dermatologists often recommend Botox to effectively reduce wrinkles, particularly so-called crow’s feet and frown lines around the eyes. The entire procedure usually only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be free to return to your normal activities right after treatment. When you see a dermatologist serving New York City for your Botox treatment, here is what to expect.

Before Treatment

When you arrive at the dermatology practice, your dermatologist will carefully evaluate the wrinkles around your eyes and determine where you can benefit from Botox injections. She will then discuss your treatment goals with you and mark the areas for treatment. This is also the time to ask about other wrinkle fillers for other areas of concern on your face. For wrinkles that can’t be treated by Botox, your dermatologist may recommend Juvederm, Restylane, or other dermal fillers.

During Treatment

After cleansing your skin, your board-certified dermatologist will prepare the Botox injections. The length of the procedure and number of injections depend on which areas you’re having treated. If you’re getting Botox for your crow’s feet, you will receive three injections per eye into the muscles that surround the eye. For frown lines, you’ll have a total of five injections into two different muscles in your forehead. For each eyebrow, two injections will be administered above the inner side of the brow and one injection will be right between the eyes.

After Treatment

After Botox, you can resume your usual activities. You may experience minor pain, swelling, or bruising in the treatment area, but this should subside quickly. Your dermatologist will let you know if there are any special aftercare instructions, such as waiting to apply eye make-up. You will notice some improvement in your wrinkles a few days after treatment and will achieve the maximum results about 30 days after your procedure.

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