Lose Those Lines with Juvederm

As you age, one of the most common areas to get lines is from the nose down to your mouth—the so-called parentheses lines. While it may be natural get these wrinkles over time, you don’t have to just accept them. Find a dermatologist offering Juvederm in New York City , and watch those lines disappear.

Learn more about how Juvederm works by watching this video. Juvederm is one of the wrinkle fillers dermatologists use to treat static wrinkles—those wrinkles that are always visible, regardless of muscle movement. Juvederm plumps up the skin in the fold of a wrinkle to create a smoother appearance. After your dermatologist injects Juvederm into the treatment area, your results could last up to a year. After that, maintenance treatments will help you hold onto that youthful appearance.

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