Preparing for your visit

Navigating insurance coverage has become more complex over the years. We recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to your visit, to discuss the scope of insurance coverage and potential out-of-pocket fees you may be responsible for e.g. specialist co-pay, co-insurance and deductible.

Here are a few suggestions to assist you in preparing for your visit:

  • Contact your insurance company to verify that Dr. Dele-Michael is in network with your plan.
  • Upon Arrival, inform the receptionist of any changes in address, phone numbers and insurance coverage.
  • All copay, co-insurance, deductible and outstanding balance are due before service
  • Contact your insurance prior to your visit to confirm referral requirements, co-pay/ co-insurance and deductible responsibility for specialist visits.
  • Your insurance will not cover your visit if you did not obtain a referral if one was required.
  • Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare plans): Inform us as soon as possible if you have missed payment on your insurance premium.
  • Late payment: A late fee will be assessed for all late payments.

Why Choose Us?

  • Personalized Care
  • Patient Centered Practice
  • Medical & Aesthetic Treatments
  • Financing Available
  • Natural-looking Cosmetic Results
  • We accept most insurance plans
  • Convenient Hours and Location

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